11 Steps to Launch Your First (or Next) Irresistible Offer!

11 Steps to Launch Your First (or Next) Irresistible Offer!

SCENE – 1: Prelude

It’s 1am on a starry night.

You are tossing and turning in the bed.

Insomnia kicks in the high gear, leaving you wide awake.

Something strikes you in the head like a lightning bolt.


SCENE – 2: The Revelation

You spring out of bed like it’s the crack of dawn and hop on to your computer or grab your journal.

Your brain ignited with the idea… 14 billion neurons all in action… Firing at a speed of 7.5 miles per minute.

You try to write everything down so it doesn’t escape you.

HELL YES!! You’re excited, you’re gonna change so many lives and obviously make boatloads of money.

You can’t wait to wake up in the morning and get started!

SCENE – 3: The Reality Check

It’s a bright new morning and you’re ready to rise and shine. You grab your coffee and crack open your last night’s handy work. You stare at the idea and the idea stares back at you. You keep staring and it keeps staring back.

Until you realize something…

One idea and there are 823 moving parts that need to be taken into account in order to take this idea to the next phase.

And the next phase? Is execution.

Lead Magnet, Opt-in Page, PDF, Email Sequence, Sales Page, Facebook Ads, Tracking Conversions, Social Media Strategy, Launch Strategy and what not!

WHAT?! But… But… you just wanted to put one idea out there and help others!

When did it become an eleven-headed hydra?


Ahhh! We hear you loud and clear. Heck we’ve been there (Shhhh… don’t tell anyone).

But you see, when we launched Firecracking Funnel Scripts, we had an unfair advantage *WINK WINK*.

Being a Copywriter and Web Designer duo, there’s little that can get in our way.

But don’t let us deceive you (we’ll do that later).

Despite being the best at what we do and having all these concepts hard-wired in our brains, we sat down, put our heads together (lost a few hairs, some bruises, no big deal!) and crafted a rock-solid strategy for Firecracking Funnel Scripts launch that brought in $5,000 in 30-days flat!

So that goes without saying: Without a solid strategy, there is no launch. It’s only chaos.

A glimpse at our launch plan

But you know what’s more important? Knowing what’s involved so you can make a solid strategy. If you don’t know what to begin with, you’re dead in the water.

So, on the blog today, we decided to join forces (again) and share with you 11 steps that you need to launch your irresistible offer without going berserk.

Let’s dive right into, shall we? *Water Bubbles*


What’s an offer without an audience? Just white noise.

And to create something that makes waves in your niche, you first need to know your people.

  • Their Big Bold Desires
  • Their Secret Dreams
  • Their Hopes & Plans
  • Their Problems
  • Their Pain Points
  • The resistance around their problems
  • The cost of “not” dealing with those problems
  • Ideally, what would be the simplest solution to their problems

You’ve got to find all these answers before you go on creating an offer and putting it out there.

And let me tell you one thing. Once you have answers to all these questions, you are gonna nail their language and use it time and again in your marketing materials a.k.a. copy to genuinely connect with them and convert them into clients.

But how can I find answers to all these questions? You ask.

Instead of writing fake accounts and stories, here’s how you can deep dive into your ideal client’s life:

  • Go to popular blogs in your niche, take notice of blog comments and see what they’re talking about
  • Join Facebook Groups like this one where your ideal clients are hanging out and search the group for your keywords, all the related posts and comments will show up.
  • Listen closely to the people who’re already in your circle (blog, business page, email list, Facebook Group, friends)


So when you listen closely to your ideal clients, you’d get a clear picture of what their pressing problems are and what kind of solution to offer them. But beware! Before you go on creating a product or service and spending your time, energy and money on promoting it, you need to validate your idea.

And what’s a better way to do so than asking your people directly.

  • Offer 1-on-1 discovery calls to help them with a specific issue, present your idea as the ideal solution and gauge their interest
  • Do a quick and short survey (Survey Monkey, Google Forms, Typeform are some popular options to run a survey)
  • Post in a group to see if your offer idea is something that would strike a chord with them, and if they would be willing to invest in it


Being a copywriter and web designer team, we really want to say that copy + design can make or break your sales (and while it’s true for the most part, especially the copy part *Maria Speaking ;-)*), but there’s more to it.

Your offer has the power to make or break your sales. BAAM!

And no, we’re not talking about your product or service idea here.

We’re talking…

  • The unique selling proposition of your product/service, what the heck makes it different!
  • How are you overcoming objections via your packaging
  • Why should they buy now not later

And how can you do that?

Well, here’s how!

  • Think in terms of, who are you? What do you do? What drives you (your WHY)? What special sauce do you bring to the table? Is there a specific life experience, expertise or a personality quirk that makes you hell lotta different (and gives you a leg up on your competition)?
  • Your product/service should be a sandwich with bonuses around it. That’s what makes it an offer. Otherwise, it’s just a random pitch. And people who think bonuses are there to prove the value of the actual product are suckers. #sorrynotsorry

    Because here’s the truth. Bonuses are there to overcome objections and support your buyer’s pre and post life after they take you up on your offer.

  • Talk about their burning pain and tell them why they can’t afford NOT to buy right now. What postponing this buying decision can do to them (it’ll obviously aggravate their pain) + Brainstorm ideas about adding a real sense of urgency so you can grab procrastinators by their collars.

Sooooo, all these elements together make your offer irresistible. Like really really compelling. Like “drop everything and lemme pull out my credit card” kinda compelling.


Freebies are tricky.

Especially when everybody and their mother is trying to teach you 11 steps to their magical solution (don’t look at us like that!). Point being, with the rising tide of digital empire builders, people have become quite picky about whom to trust with their email address.

So you gotta make it super valuable, highly actionable and easily accessible.

And here’s how to do that.

  • Don’t give garbage just because it’s free. And one easy way to avoid it is by slicing out the first step of your main offer and give it for free. BOOM! That’s a lot of value (plus it will put them on their toes to move to the next step)
  • To make your lead magnet really actionable, keep it short, sweet and to the point. Don’t paralyze them with too much information. Also, you can add exercises/homework or specific call to actions to get their ass in gear.
  • Make your lead magnet easily accessible without making them jump through Olympic hurdles.

How to cook & deliver your freebie? That’s the next logical question right? You’ve got a good idea of what to offer but how do you do it?

Well, that’s where the left brain kicks in and let me tell you, I can feel it oozing with ideas! (Okay… maybe not oozing…Ewww)

There are a bunch of ways you can offer a freebie:

  • PDF Documents/Checklists/Cheatsheets – These can either be designed in MS Office, Canva.com and you can use PDFescape.com to add editable/form elements to it.
  • Video or Video Series type Freebies can be hosted as “Unlisted” on Youtube/Vimeo and sent over via emails or you can embed them in a Web Page on your website (preferably password protected) and email to your subscribers with the Welcome Email.
  • MP3 Audio freebies can be either embedded on the website or provided as direct download link from Amazon S3 or Your Website.


Hear us out. When someone says, start building your list, after all, all what you need is a juicy lead magnet and a way to capture leads. What they really mean is:

A high-converting opt-in page

An optimized Thank you page

And a bombastic Welcome + Thank you email to Meet, Greet and Share the Lead Magnet.


No biggie, right?


Only if you had a magic pill to make it all happen in a jiffy.

Since we’re fresh outta magic pills, let’s see how we can make it happen, one bullet point at a time:

  • Opt-in Page Must Haves:

    •  Compelling Headline
    •  Clear and concise copy telling what exactly they’re opting in for (A fine mix of features & benefits)
    •  One clear and personality-infused call to action button (No distractions)

  • Thank You Page Must Haves:

    •  Make them feel welcomed and exited, as if they’ve entered a whole new world
    •  Give them the download link or if you’re using double opt-in, ask them to go check their email and confirm
    •  Send them to your community (Facebook Group) to further nurture the relationship or offer a free discovery session, depending on your business

  • Welcome Email Must Haves:

    •  Welcome them and tell them how excited you’re to have them in your corner of the virtual world
    •  Share the link to your freebie + thank them for trusting you with their time, space & energy
    •  Inspire them to take action like hitting the reply button and introducing themselves (this is super important to keep your list engaged)

Yayyyy! We’re done, Right? (The tech surely thinks so)

When you’re planning to design these pages, there’s a lot of quicksand that you wanna avoid:

  • The idea is to get it done, not stay stuck the entire week on just one task
  • There are several paid and less paid routes to getting your opt-in page designed, starting with Lead Pages & Click funnels, or using WordPress (Thrive Themes, or custom pages + plugins) to Landing Pages provided by your Mail Service Provider
  • Keep your design clean, simple and as clearly and easily visible as possible. Ensure that your mobile view is perfect (check from multiple devices)
  • Make sure you test your Welcome Email at least 2-3 times, subscribe using different emails and check if you’re getting it, ensure your links are correct and your formatting is on-point. And most of all, if it’s going to spam folder, try playing with your subject line


Don’t you just love them? We sure do! In fact, we’re gonna totally strip this blog for parts (Oops. Did I just say that out loud!? Forget I said that… okay?), and post it in different Facebook Groups where our ideal clients hang out.

These small content pieces of pure value:

  • Warm up a lead before it reaches your opt-in page
  • Help you drive traffic to your blog or opt-in page
  • Make you visible in the crowd
  • Establish your expert status
  • Get people to notice you

Pro Tip: When posting on Facebook, be careful about spacing. Sometimes, long posts are hard to read due to spacing going nuts after you post it. You can always use a spacer such as “————” between different sections of your post so it’s easy to scan and read.

Also, if you wanna spice up your text with some cool icons, you can copy them from fsymbols.com.


No one likes being on social media all day long, especially when you’ve a business to run.

But here’s the thing. You need to be on social media, especially when you’ve a business to run.

Haa! Ironic, right?

But that’s where your marketing and social media strategy comes in.

Once you have a clear plan about what to post, where to post and when to post, you don’t get a chance to scroll throw your newsfeed, click on every other BuzzFeed article or spend hours checking notifications.

  • Decide 2-3 (we prefer 2) social media platforms
  • Further narrow down the ways you’re gonna stay visible (Video, Written, Infographics)
  • Write content and set a goal; how many times you’re gonna show up every day
  • Create a schedule to post in the peak hours for maximum productivity and visibility

We’re old school and prefer to use MS Excel but you can totally use Trello.com to organize your content and setup a schedule.

And if you’re looking to amp up your marketing with Facebook Ads, read on…


Cha-Ching! *That’s your money going into Facebook’s Bank Account*

But cheer up! Cuz that’s comin’ back ten-fold.

There are a hundred and twenty ways to write your Facebook Ads copy, because it really comes down to what your audience responds to.


Though, here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Talk about the problem they’re facing right in the beginning, so they can connect then and there. No long-winded stories
  • Mention your offer and share the results you’re gonna provide (results and benefits over features, always!)
  • Give a clear call to action (Sign up below, Click on the link below etc…)

That was the easy part, believe us. Because tech? It can sometimes literally pull one over you so many times you can’t tell your head from your ass (Again… personal experience!).

How do we make it OH-ALL-SO-EASY?

This one handy wordpress plugin really helps us, saves time, energy and hair.


Grab it now, totally free (Paid version is also worth it, starting from $45/year)

Helps you painlessly setup your pixel, add events to track sales/conversions and no coding skills required!


Sales page has the power to make or break your sales. Period.

“Umm but you said the same thing about offer”, you say.

Yup! We did. But if you can’t convey your offer in a way that makes people jump outta their bed at midnight and buy, then you’ve already lost the game.

Your sales page should create a point of genuine connection with your ideal client, establish your authority and inspire action.

Few things that you need to keep in mind when writing a sales page:

  • Use a compelling headline to hook the reader. Your headline can either be pain-driven or benefit-driven
  • Show them a life without their pain, talk about how it would feel to get rid of their problem
  • Circle back to their core pain/problem and discuss how it hampers their day to day life
  • Add your story to the mix (if you have one) and relate it to their pain (otherwise, introduce yourself and share your expertise and what makes you credible)
  • Introduce your offer/program and tell them how it’s gonna make their life different (benefits)
  • Lay down the features and bonuses
  • Add FAQs to cover their objections
  • Include guarantee (if you have any)
  • Sprinkle 2-4 call to actions throughout the page (depending on the length) + Add testimonials throughout the page

Now, that we’ve got a pretty darn good idea of how to structure your sales page, it’s time to dive into the tech and design part.

Here are some technical options you have for setting a sales page up:

  • Wordpress: Your best option for a custom sales page design, membership site and handling all sorts of payments from one place
  • Lead pages / Click Funnels: Both of these systems allow you to design a sales page. It’s a decent option if you already are using their services for landing pages
  • GumRoad or Digital Product Delivery: For when you don’t wanna get your hands dirty with coding and just want a simple, easy and painless way of selling your first (or next) eBook or mini-product

Now let’s talk about the Design aspect of sales pages, what are some must haves which will lead to a high-converting sales page:

  • Your sales page much have one goal. “Conversion.” Do not lead people to any other page. All the buttons/links on the sales page should lead to your checkout page or discovery session page.
  • Brand your sales page, no matter how small it is. And by branding we mean, you must be consistent with your colors, fonts and layout
  • Header image is your big bold statement – convey your core message then and there via design and copy
  • Optimize your website for mobile view, don’t let hot leads go to waste who are opening your sales page from mobile


Like sales pages, email sequences are like your sales reps that do the selling for you. You just need to create your funnel strategy and write all the emails once, and they will keep converting subscribers into raving fans and fans into buyers.

The number of emails and what to include in each varies from launch to launch + it also depends on your niche, product price and the temperature of your list (how warm or cold it is). However, overall, these are the things to keep in mind when writing your sales email sequence.

  • By being honest and providing ton of value, you’ve earned the right to win their hearts and wallets. Don’t be shy when pitching your offer. Because you know what? They won’t buy if you don’t sell.
  • People who opt in definitely want to know how to solve their problem, but they also wanna know more about you. So share your story. How you’ve reached where you are today, what makes you different. Don’t hold back. Share your mistakes and the lessons you’ve learnt. Be human. People connect with humans, not robots.
  • Reassure them that you’re there for them. Don’t keep pushing information down their throat and expect them to come winning on the other end. Encourage them to hit reply, write back, ask questions.
  • Establish your expert status by busting an industry myth, calling out BS on blatant lies, and telling your readers what kinda mistakes they are making and how to avoid it.
  • Build credibility. How? Share case studies, success stories, testimonials and endorsements. Make them imagine their future life by reading someone else’s story.

And last but not the least, when you’re setting up emails, be sure to test them and ensure that they’re showing up fine on desktop and mobile view + make sure the links are working.


Bravo! You’re all done!

But rejoice later!

Time for you to buy what you’re gonna sell. (And we aren’t even kidding about this!)

Go ahead, pay for it (even if it’s $1) and step into your prospects shoes (quite literally) and see it all.

Take our word for it, don’t skip this step!

You should memorize every step on your fingertips (if you run outta fingers, use toes)! There may be some technically challenged people who are very interested in buying but run into a snafu and need help.



It’s time you launch your baby in the world. But wait!

You can’t just put everything live and not yell at the top of your lungs, because obviously, now you want the masses to know about it.

And you can do that by:

  • Running a challenge about a topic that will directly lead to your final offer
  • A three day video series that is delivering massive value and finally pitching your offer
  • A webinar or series of webinars that offer value and in the end pitch your offer

Gearing up towards a launch, and actually getting smacked in the middle of it are two very different things.

When you are ready to reveal your offer, it’s important to note the following:

  • Your cart should have an open and close date to add an exclusivity factor
  • Set realistic goal, how many buyers you’d consider as success?
  • Make sure you have a rock-solid strategy and your schedule is blocked off so you can give it your best
  • Craft your pitches and write all your sales material beforehand. Don’t keep waiting for the last minute, you will have a lot more last minute stuff to handle


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