It’s not something you can outsource, while you watch another episode on Netflix. (Not that Netflix isn’t important. It sure as heck is! Who wants to miss those super-enthralling relationship spirals of Grey’s Anatomy!)

Success, on the contrary, is crucial. For you. For your dreams. For your business.

And I’m sure, like me, you already understand this.

You take your dreams seriously. All you want is more.


You’ve got big ideas about helping hundreds and thousands of people, making your mark in the world, blazing the trails for the years to come…

That’s why you hustle. And hustle big time.

But let’s be honest here. Juggling a hundred and ten balls and wearing hats of every possible shape, color and size…That’s not how you imagined your life to look like! From this thing, to that thing, and oh, by the way, that other thing…handling every single piece of your business is excruciating.

The pain of unfinished drafts, the anguish of not doing it right, the distress of not getting the results you want A part of you want to just suck it up and retreat to a simple life again. But you know you won’t be happy because you’re too passionate about what you want to do.


One Small Victory at a Time

You know that right words have the power to make your business and the wrong ones can break it. So you soak up all the copywriting info, crack open a new file, and aim to write the most persuasive words ever!


Your brain brimming with ideas…14 billion neurons, firing at a speed of 7.5 miles per minute. Write. Write. Write. Once you finish, you read those words and they sound whack to you. Edit. Sounds better.

“But… does this make sense? Do I sound clear? Is it convincing enough to convert? Doubt creeps in. The voice: WHAT THE FUCK are you doing? No one is going to give a shit about this. You don’t know what you’re doing. Dumbass.”


“Sob Sob”

Or worse, you sit down to write and there it is! The age-old, much-talked-about, dementor-ous Blank Page…sucking the soul out of your brain and ideas. You feel paralyzed, pressured. It’s like you need to say something brilliant, witty, powerful, and meaningful. So…

You don’t say anything at all.

Sound familiar?


Your business is about to take the most magical spin ever!

Not in a traditional abracadabra kinda way, but in the most clear, concise & compelling way possiblewith a bit of wit and whole lotta personality.

Tell Me More

ButWho In The World Wild Web Am I?

O Heyyyy! I’m Maria Rana, your answer to all those head-pounding, soul-crushing, heart-wrenching writing and strategy woes. In plain words, I’m a Copywriter & Sales Funnel Strategist who carefully listens to what you need, understands what your ideal clients want and skillfully crafts copy that skyrocket your bottom line.

No backfires… no shenanigans. Just powerful words that inspire massive engagement and spark explosive action. It’s like having your own genie in a bottle…without a bottle…with a pen.

A born introvert turned wildly extrovert, I finally call myself an ambivert. From a timid, quiet, and average child to a witty, wise, warm, and just plain weird woman, life’s been good. But I was sure that there must be a lot more to life than being ridiculously nice and pretty (and eating, and sleeping, and…well do nothing). So I planned on finding what that was.

A lover of all things art & literature, I graduated in English Literature (minoring in Psychology) and jumped right into Freelancing and Professional Writing. Since then, I’ve worked as an Academic Research Writer (all things Marketing & Business), Promotional Writer for Brick & Mortar businesses, and Copywriter for Coaches, Strategists, Authors, Designers, Publishing Agencies…you name it!


  • Spent thousands of dollars on copywriting books, courses, and programs
  • Invested over 2000 hours in focused, profound study of the art of copywriting
  • Worked on over a dozen sold-out launches and high-converting sales funnels across various industries
  • Firsthand experience of writing several theatrical play scripts. From Romantic Drama and Comedy to Surrealism, yup, all of it

So Words, Emotions, Stories…it’s an adrenaline thing for me. And when backed by social psychology? It becomes a revenue-generating, cash-creating thing!


  • I believe you can keep going long after you can’t. So you never give up. Never give up and stand tall. Day in and day out.
  • I believe women who’re brave (and rebellious) enough to follow their passion and do whatever has to be done to get what they want are badass heroes.
  • I believe in the power of words & stories. Of letting your voice be heard and getting your message spread among the masses- where it rightfully belongs.
  • I believe pain never subsides. It becomes a part of your anatomy, growing with every cell, every tissue, but the thing with pain is it lets you grow as well, as a person, as a voice, as a visionary.
  • I believe in madness, in crazy things, crazy ideas, crazy places. Oh! And wild crazy music. The world is a pretty nice place to live in. You don’t have to fake the funk to “fit in”. Just be your crazy self and roll with it.

Want to be a part of my crazy little world?

Id be honored.

No shitty promises or bribes. I’ll be breaking stereotypes, redefining ideas, writing, learning new stuff, making blunders, eating lots of junk food and trying my best to make sense of all things life, love and business. Oh! And Sales Funnels. Learn all about whipping up a connection-creating and cash-generating sales funnel.