Frequently Asked Thought Questions

While hiring Copywriting help sounds tempting, I’m afraid I’ll have to edit the work because it won’t "sound like me".

I totally understand your concerns. I offer 3 revisions to my clients, but 98% of my clients instantly fall in love with the first draft. No revisions needed. That’s because Copywriting isn’t about writing whatever fancy words you want to write. It’s a strategic process that requires meticulous research, sales psychology, and then comes the wordsmithery.

I use highly engaging methods (One deep branding questionnaire & our firecracking clarity call) to draw your ideas & expertise out of your head and get a feel for your unique voice before I write even a word.

Okay! I have a feeling you know your shit, but do you have enough experience writing for my niche or industry?

Oh Yes! I do. I’ve worked with an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs and corporate professionals. Coaches, Strategists, Healers, Fashion Stylists, Authors, Designers, Publishing & Marketing Agencies… you name it! If you wanna see few samples, drop me a line and I’ll email some to you.

How much time would it take to deliver the first round of my copy?

Once you sign the contract, make your payment, and send back your Clarity Questionnaire, it takes up to 14 days for complete website copy and up to 7 days to deliver your first posh and polished sales page draft. You’d have 7 more days to send me your feedback and get your hands on the final copy.

Well as much as the concept of cursing and using slang in your business sounds hip, I don’t want that. I’ve a different kind of personality and target audience. Can you write in a conversational yet professional tone? Without any curse words.

I definitely can. In fact, I specifically ask this question in my clarity questionnaire and write accordingly. Using slang in my copy doesn’t mean I gotta use it in your copy as well. We all have different personalities, voice, and ideal clients, and if that’s not what you want, I won’t use it.

What if you write one piece for me, take my money and disappear forever, leaving me to hunt down copywriters next time I need something.

Haha I won’t run anywhere My Friend. I’ve been long enough in business to disappear. My cherished repeat clients ping me anytime they need a booming piece of copy for a new program/product. If you love our first experience together (which I’m sure you’ll), I’d love to work with you again.

Umm…When I hire you, I’d definitely need to share my program/product idea with you before my launch. Would you steal my ideas?

I’m sure your idea is earth-shattering and revolutionary. But so is my brain. I’ve my own train of nonstop bombastic ideas (that I never seem to work on). So No, Thank you! Point being, working together needs a certain level of trust and respect from both parties. I highly honor my clients and respect their privacy. So you shouldn’t be worried about all this stuff.

I wanna have highly persuasive, jaw-droppin’, head-turnin’ copy really fast. So I don’t have time for all these clarity call, branding sheets and stuff. Can we skip these steps and get straight to the point?

Nope. Oops, I’m sorry. But seriously ‘No’. I know you’re in hurry and you’ve one thousand and thirty-three other things on your to-do list right now, but THIS is important too. For you. And for the success of your business. I don’t like second guessing ideas, voice, and the unique flavor only YOU can bring to the table. Deep clarity before I put pen to the paper is like deep cleansing for your messaging and branding. So slow down a bit My Friend, and do what’s best for you in the long run.

I wonder why you charge so much for writing. I’ve seen Copywriters charging less than you do, so what makes you different?

Woa! That’s a good one. While I like to think that I’m prettier, funnier & sexier than the rest of the Copywriters on the face of the internet (with all due respect), that’s not true. You see, my pricing reflects the value & results I bring to my clients. In fact, it’s a very little investment considering the results you get; Rock Solid Credibility. Deep Connection. Lots of Cha-Ching.

I’m SO in love with you! Where I can write to you?

Aaah! You make me blush 😉 Write your heart (and brains) out and email it to me at Or drop me a message using this contact form.