You’re probably here because . . .


And You Can Do All That (And More) By Having A Cash-Creating Email Sequence In Place.

(Newsflash: Sales Funnels aren’t only good for your pocket’s health, but they also help you enjoy more time + an eternal peace of mind).

Firecracking Funnel Scripts takes the guesswork out of building your first (or next) sales funnel by providing an indestructible system, step-by-step strategy and plug n play email scripts so you can explode your connection, credibility & cash online.

You’ve heard the fancy words such as automation, sales on autopilot, email marketing and the much talked about F-Word- Funnels. But all these things sound better in theory than action, right? Well, I’m here to help you get past your freakin’ blocks and take you from fumbling to fluent in creating your own cash-creating sales funnels.


  • You don’t have a list because…well you’ve a business to run, who has got time to actively write emails and send
  • You’re kinda, sorta building your list via pretty opt-ins on your website, sparkly popups, and quite a few landing pages, but your subscribers never hear back from you and are rotting in your virtual corner
  • You’ve got an active list by following all the information out there … but you never once sold them anything and even when you do pitch shyly, you hear crickets!


And I’m sorry to break this news to you… but writing emails that connect with your audience, create credibility and convert like crazy isn’t rocket science.

If you’re an entrepreneur or a small business owner and you…

  • Struggle to beat the blank page blues and the very thought of writing emails make you cry a bit
  • Get a gut-twister even thinking about writing a sales email because you fear coming off inauthentic, sales-y or pushy
  • Crave to build a responsive community by staying in touch with your list but don’t know what to say, when to say and how to say it
  • Are all for putting sales on autopilot but confused & stuck when it comes to attracting the right people with the right hook and the right offer
  • Want to have the magical ability to make sales almost every time you send an email to your list, but you’re not a magician neither a professional copywriter

Then Firecracking Funnel Scripts is just the solution for you.

A complete arsenal of compelling subject lines, hypnotic story hooks & word-to-word scripts to make your email writing process easier, simpler & faster



Hi! I’m Maria.

I’m a Copywriter & Sales Funnel Strategist over at and the creator of Income for Impact.

When I’m not writing highly persuasive and swoon-worthy sales copy for my amazing One-on-One clients, I love helping up & coming entrepreneurs get unstuck by using insanely simple, everyday words to their advantage (that’s copy), and make their first or next sales online.

I’ve written over a dozen Sales Funnels in the last 3 months alone. Testing subject lines, playing with email openers, crafting email story-lines, exploring action-producing strategies, I’ve done it all. Still do. On a regular basis.

So when I talk about writing emails that pierce the heart, make an impact and make you moolah, I’m not kidding! I sure know a thing or two about what works when it comes to establishing your expert status and becoming the go-to person in your niche.


Hours Spent Learning


Words Written


Firecracking Clients


Dough Made


  • Having a clear roadmap to make your sales funnel process thoughtless
  • No writer’s block and the ease of sending personality-inducing, sales-producing emails
  • Having ultimate freedom and financial security with a strategic sales process- all while having fun and working on your own terms
  • The liberty to connect with the people you are meant to serve on a deeper level and convey your message succinctly- without sounding like a snoozeball


Like a magician!

Maria took my vision and articulated it in a clear, potent manner speaking to my ideal perfect client in a way that pierces their hearts and souls while propelling them to take action. I’m not sure why you haven’t hired her already, but NOW is the time, if you’ve been waiting for a sign. This is it. Thank you, Maria for helping me craft my vision with words.


Radiant Queenie Johnson
Master Teacher & Branding Strategist


Elizabeth Salazar
Marketing Strategist

If you’re struggling to write copy that converts and are ready to show up as an authority in your niche…hire Maria.

Before I hired Maria, I was stuck. Everything I wrote sounded the same (Read: Bland & Boring) and definitely didn’t seem to be appealing to my ideal client in a way that grabbed their attention and screamed, TAKE ACTION!

Maria has a way with words. She is a persuasive copywriter and knows how to fascinate the reader and which trigger points to hit. It’s like someone just poured all those persuasive writing books (that I’ve been meaning to read!) right into her head and out comes beautiful copy that makes you want to BUY YOUR OWN STUFF!

If you are struggling to write copy that converts and are ready to show up as an authority in your niche…hire Maria. She’ll do all that and more.


The Prelude

  • What’s a sales funnel and why the heck should you care
  • Get clued up about the anatomy of an email that converts
  • Learn to structure an email for maximum effect
  • The best way to plan and write your email sequence that gets opened, clicked, and converted

A Sizzling Hot Copy of Firecracking Funnel Scripts

  • Watch me tear down one of my personal email sequences
  • The exact email copywriting formulas I use for every single email I write
  • 14 Plug-n-Play scripts & templates to make your email writing process a no-brainer!



  • 131 Pick Up Lines guaranteed to turn your readers on!
  • A subject line to go with almost every email that you’ll ever need to send
  • Pick and tweak from 5 main categories without wasting hours on brainstorming

18 Hypnotic Hooks

  • To virtually grab your reader by the collar and reel them in!
  • Come up with email ideas without having to think about what to write
  • Learn to write sales emails without sounding salesy (Hint: It’s all about infotainment)

7 Proven Email Formulas 

  • A step-by-step plan to help you structure rhythmic & persuasive emails without a fail
  • Tried & tested methods that you can use in your emails without reinventing the wheel
  • No more confusion on how to start, compose, and close your emails


HOW IT’S Delivered

This product is delivered in a digital PDF format. Once you click this bleeding heart below, you’ll be personally escorted to the order page. Make your payment and rest assured, the scripts with all the bonuses will be delivered to your inbox right away. You can then easily download the PDF guides to read and implement at your own ease.

It might not be Sriracha sauce but, it sure will spice up your life & business.

YOUR INVESTMENT: $99 Only! *Gasp*


Firecracking Funnel Scripts isn’t about creating one funnel and then feeling blank for the rest of your life. You can use the same templates over and over (and over) again to create various sequences.

Welcome Series: You can start off on the right foot and use this sequence to welcome people right after they sign up for your list and convert them into customers. Right Connection = Fans Forever.

Evergreen Products: Set this sequence once to sell an evergreen product and listen to the sound of payment notifications rollin’ in forever! (As long as you’re focused on building your list).

Rocket Launches: Got a hot new service or product to sell? Use this exact sequence to build your list, develop know, like & trust factor and sell your product/service with utmost ease (and without a tinge of sleaze).

However…these scripts and all the heavenly goodness isn’t for everyone.


  1. You don’t believe autopilot sales are the best for your business, because you’d rather spend hours and hours trying to convince your ideal clients individually
  2. You’re hell bent on finding your clients under every rock and in every cave, but not interested in building a list
  3. You aren’t willing to invest in an email marketing software that has autoresponder functionality
  4. You’re a control freak who wishes to re-invent the wheel and has all the time in the world to do so

Or maybe… maybe you’re just a damn good copywriter already! You’ve the superpower to come up with spine-chilling subject lines, spellbinding story hooks and scientifically proven structures to best get your point across. *Hat Tip*. You’re winning!

BUT, if you aren’t there yet, I invite you to take me up on this one-of-a-kind, magically delicious & bullshit-free offer. I’d love to share my personal sales funnel strategy with you to help you make the impact & money you deserve.



The copy she wrote for me was incredibly amazing… copy that feels like someone is reading your mind.

I hired Maria Rana because I saw her persuasive copywriting on her site and I knew she was in demand. As someone who has studied copywriting extensively, I was hesitant about hiring a copywriter because I didn’t know if anyone else could understand the hopes, dreams and fears of my audience as much as I did.

Maria positively impressed me on every level. Her knowledge and ability to address the hopes, pains and fears of women who are looking to get healthier was incredible. She brings writing to life with her engaging words and persuasive storytelling techniques.

The copy she wrote for me was incredibly amazing… copy that feels like someone is reading your mind. I liked Maria’s writing so much that I immediately hired her to write another email sales funnel, this one 7 emails long, immediately after she finished my first 5-email sales funnel. Maria’s a gem of a find. She truly understands what you want and how to make that happen by inspiring an audience through her words. Hire her while you can, you’ll be glad you did!

Nagina Sethi Abdullah

Weight-Loss Coach for Busy Women

P.S. Wanna know a really cool fact about Firecracking Funnel Scripts? Use it once and you’ll make 10-fold the amount you invested lickety-split! Andddd, you can use these scripts time and again to triple, quadruple and quintuple your investment.

P.P.S. I mean come on, in just $99, you’re gonna have a rock-solid system (without having to pay thousands of dollars for strategy and copywriting) that will whip up cash-creating emails. Meaning? No more getting things done on the go, hunting clients in Facebook Groups and expecting the magical appearance of a new client (because you’ve no idea where the next dinero would come from).

A PUBLIC SERVICE NOTICE: Rejection can lead to emotional stress for both parties involved and emotional stress can lead to physical complications such as headaches, ulcers, cancerous tumors, and even death! So for my health and yours, JUST SAY YES! Will ya?

Disclaimer: Firecracking Funnel Scripts do not guarantee income, leads or imply in any case that by alone purchasing this product you will incur any change in your business. Implementation and Strategy is solely up to the buyer. Furthermore, due to the digital nature of this product, once delivered there will be no refunds whatsoever.