On Following

On Following

Itchy feet syndrome…

Restless legs disorder…

Or you may call it Wanderlust.

The quest to hit the open road,

The desire to roam the world,

The longing to be at strangest of places and call it home.

The travel bug got me earlier in my girlhood… like a fire in the belly.

And you know what you do when you have an achingly beautiful fire burning in your belly?

  • You stop screwing up and start listening to your heart’s deepest desires
  • You set a vision, see it, breathe it, and break it down into small actionable goals
  • You put every ounce of your creative juices and efforts into achieving those goals
  • You stop giving way to your weaknesses and find a way to stand up every time you fall
  • You try and fail and try and fail, until you get better at trying and then starts the game of winning

At least, that’s what I did.

And despite having 9876 reasons not to be here, I’m writing this from a small chunk of heaven on this earth, sitting cross-legged on a patch of grass, looking at mountains that are swallowed up by the jungle.

Every burp and chirp and the smell of the air

The trees, the streams and the horses that stand tall & fair

Everything about this is soul-smashingly beautiful. And I can’t help but think about all what I’ve gone through to be here, to create a life like this, to experience this very moment in time.

And it all boils down to one word.



Follow your vision.

Follow your dreams.

Follow your intuition.


Would that make you an overnight success?

Probably not.

But is it worth being determined?

100 times YES!


How are you following your vision and dreams in life and business? Do you have a clear-cut plan or would you rather be a bull in a china shop, breaking (and learning) new things as you move forward?


Leave a comment below and let me know. I’m looking out for your response.


See you soon,

P.S. When it comes to following up in business, I reckon you’re already following up with your subscribers once they sign up to grab your Freebie. If you’re not, well…it’s about time you do that. Because…

No Email Sequence = No Connection with Your Audience = Zero Credibility = Zilch Sales.

This is probably the longest boring formula you have ever read (not if you hate Math like I do), point being, you have to have a Sales Funnel in place to really create a point of genuine connection with your audience in order to convert them into paying clients.


Don’t know how?

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