Few kind words from people I’ve had the privilege to work with!


Dana Kalin
Intuitive Business Coach

She is skilled in the art & science of persuasion.

I consider writing one of my stronger skills and let me tell you, I’m very picky when it comes to copywriting, so when I say Maria Rana is a fantastic Copywriter that is an understatement.

She was able to connect with the spiritual aspects of my work and the fun side of my personality and bring them together in a way that was mature, evolved and very much aligned with who I am.

Her sales copy is especially magical. She loves writing sales pages which you can feel in the end result as there is so much passion that is expressed in her words. She is very skilled, strategic and understands the art and science of persuasion. I highly recommend her.

Sold-out my program within 48 hours and generated over $58,000 in sales.

Before Maria, I was really struggling with launching my offers the right way. I was rushing my projects with no solid strategy and then wondering why it didn’t work. As a result, I was falling short on my launch goals and not converting the way I wanted to.

Investing in Maria’s Premium Launch Package was a bit scary for me because I had to really believe in the process and trust that I would see a return on my investment. And to top it all off, I had a really small list to launch to.

We planned a 7-day launch, but I was blown away when we sold-out the program within 48 hours, and ended up creating a second group. My money came back and it came back ten-fold (I brought in almost 10x what I paid her).

I was surprised to see how detailed Maria was with her strategy and over the moon excited with the response I got during my launch. The content she provided helped me strategically position myself and has created an engaged community of loyal followers.

My Facebook Live viewers have been more than double the amount than what they were before Maria!

Maria is so much more than a copywriter. She is my coach and has helped me from ideas and pricing to launch and even after. She went above and beyond, doing things that she never promised or put in the proposal. I love how involved she is in helping you hit your goals as she really wants you to be successful.

Maria has been instrumental to my success ever since and she’s now become an invaluable member of my team.

Hire her (if she’s available) and your business will thank you.

Stacy Tuschl
High-Performance Coach & Business Mentor

Natalie Sorensen
Lifestyle & Branding Coach

A total list of 1300 with 600 fresh leads and STILL I was able to generate $116,988 in revenue!

My biggest hesitation before working with Maria was investing the money, and it not working out. Nonetheless, I invested about half of what I made through my last launch to hire Maria. I knew in order to hit my launch goals, I would need her on my team.

And quite honestly, I don’t enjoy writing at all. I procrastinate like CRAZY!! I know it needs to be done, but I keep putting it off. I would rather be connecting in person with my clients or audience. Knowing what you want to say is one thing, but actually doing it is a totally different story (overthinking and perfectionism paralysis gets in the way).

Maria was successfully able to help me, not only with my copy but also with other aspects of my launch, such as: making my offer irresistible, creating a strategic visibility plan, staying on track with a detailed schedule and spur of the moment advice. IT all helped me a TON!!!

I enrolled 21 people into my high-end signature program and generated $116,988 in revenue with 600 fresh leads and a total of 1300 people on my list. Average open rate of my emails was 40-60%, a solid validation of how people were loving everything.

The whole process was amazing, Maria absolutely ROCKS at what she does. She had a HUGE personal tragedy in the middle of my launch, where most people would have quit, she kept going and I will be forever grateful!

Honestly, I owe TONS of credit to Maria for this successful launch.

If you are serious about putting in the effort to have a profitable launch, you wouldn’t want to do it without Maria on your team. You would be nuts not to.

She will pay for herself! 🙂

She’s a whole package. Worth every penny and more.

Maria is a copywriting genius. I was stuck in copywriting hell, struggling to find my own voice and writing copy that not only converted but also sounded like me. Maria brought the best out of me and wrote copy that felt natural, fun and just plain GOOD. The copy sang directly to the hearts of my ideal clients, resulting in MORE sales.

Quick, professional & knowledge savvy, with a highly tuned marketing mind, she’s a whole package. Worth every penny and more. If you’re thinking about hiring her, I’d say do not wait and hire her while you still can!


Anna Sperlich
Food & Health Coach

blankMeagan Cooper
Business Strategist

If you need catchy copy, she is YOUR GIRL!

I have SO enjoyed working with Maria.  She not only does incredible work but is lightning fast! Her copy certainly made a huge difference in my business!  She is witty, smart, and spunky! If you need catchy copy, she is YOUR GIRL!!

She went the extra mile and added more than I had asked for…

I got Maria’s name from a friend and she came highly recommended. The moment I sent her the first email and got her response, I witnessed her professionalism. Her response time was pretty amazing. I gave her the info she needed and considering the urgency of my project, she honestly, gave me a time frame that worked within mine. And I must say, I was truly happy with the copy she provided (she went the extra mile and added more than I had asked for). Her fee was ridiculously reasonable. And I WILL definitely use her copywriting services again and refer her to my colleagues.

If you’re looking to work with a Copywriter, look no further. You’ll be very happy with her work, her integrity, her fees and her warm personality! I highly recommend Maria. 🙂

Lisa Winston

Authenticity & Life Reinvention Coach


Radiant Queenie Johnson
Master Teacher & Branding Strategist

Lika a magician!

Maria took my vision and articulated it in a clear, potent manner speaking to my ideal perfect client in a way that pierces their hearts and souls while propelling them to take action. I’m not sure why you haven’t hired her already, but NOW is the time, if you’ve been waiting for a sign. This is it. Thank you, Maria for helping me craft my vision with words.

The copy she wrote for me was incredibly amazing… copy that feels like someone is reading your mind.

I hired Maria Rana because I saw her persuasive copywriting on her site and I knew she was in demand. As someone who has studied copywriting extensively, I was hesitant about hiring a copywriter because I didn’t know if anyone else could understand the hopes, dreams and fears of my audience as much as I did.

Maria positively impressed me on every level. Her knowledge and ability to address the hopes, pains and fears of women who are looking to get healthier was incredible. She brings writing to life with her engaging words and persuasive storytelling techniques.

The copy she wrote for me was incredibly amazing… copy that feels like someone is reading your mind. I liked Maria’s writing so much that I immediately hired her to write another email sales funnel, this one 7 emails long, immediately after she finished my first 5-email sales funnel. Maria’s a gem of a find. She truly understands what you want and how to make that happen by inspiring an audience through her words. Hire her while you can, you’ll be glad you did!

Nagina Sethi Abdullah

Weight-Loss Coach for Busy Women


Elizabeth Salazar
Marketing Strategist

If you’re struggling to write copy that converts and are ready to show up as an authority in your niche…hire Maria.

Before I hired Maria, I was stuck. Everything I wrote sounded the same (Read: Bland & Boring) and definitely didn’t seem to be appealing to my ideal client in a way that grabbed their attention and screamed, TAKE ACTION!

Maria has a way with words. She is a persuasive copywriter and knows how to fascinate the reader and which trigger points to hit. It’s like someone just poured all those persuasive writing books (that I’ve been meaning to read!) right into her head and out comes beautiful copy that makes you want to BUY YOUR OWN STUFF!

If you are struggling to write copy that converts and are ready to show up as an authority in your niche…hire Maria. She’ll do all that and more.