How to write damn good copy?

How to turn bleh into brilliant?

How to sound super-hot and fun even if you’re not?

How to brush your teeth without using a toothpaste?

How to not do anything by following all the how to’s in the world?


We’ve all been there.


Signing up for one more “how to” free shit

Reading one more “how to” blog post

Watching one more “how to” video


So we can learn how to do one damn thing we SO wanna do that we can’t even sleep through the night without thinking about it a hundred times.


I get it.

I’ve been there.

The struggle is real.

The perfection vortex is real.


But you know what’s more real than any of this?


Punching the next “How to” right in the face and do whatever the heck you want to do, however you want to do it. Because that’s how you succeed. And that’s how you get to create your own “how to’s.”


But it isn’t that easy, is it?


Being a born introvert in a rather complicated family, I buried myself deep in art & literature right from the beginning. And because of the less-than-ideal circumstances, I started taking pleasure in writing. Words. Imagination. Fantasy. Even pursuing it to the college and university level where I got my hands dirty with theatrical script writing.


So writing has never been a ‘task’ for me. It’s always been as easy as breathing. Simple. And pleasurable.

But around a year ago, when I decided to ditch the freelance sites and agents (who used to pimp me bucket loads of work for peanuts), doubts crept in. I doubted my skills. My age-old knack for writing. My very own self. I knew I had something big ahead of me. I chance to pursue my dreams, to have my own brand, my own name out in the world…but…


I was never enough. I felt incompetent, insufficient, and imperfect. A whole line of what if’s, but’s, and should’s came marching towards me, proud and uptight. So instead of putting my copywriting skills & education in action, I gave in to all the “How to’s” in the world.


Oh God! I’m not hot and sizzling and tantalizing, how do I sound like one?

Gosh! I’m no fun. No bars. No parties. Nothing exciting to talk about in my writing. How do I hook people in?

Crap! Everybody out there is so funny. How can I make people laugh? I’m so boring. I could be a lullaby and put all the hustling and restless entrepreneurs to sleep at night.


I was too scared…scared to make a fool outta myself, scared to do something wrong (as if one wrong move was gonna break the entire World Wide Web), scared to get ignored and fail.


Until I wasn’t.


Because I realized my dreams were too BIG to sit on my ass all my life and do nothing. My WHY was more important than all those crappy should’s and shouldn’t, and MY experience alone had the power to move mountains.


So I wiggled my cute little butt on all my doubts, fears & self-imposed nonsense and moved on. To a great happy life. Full of big bold plans & solid action. Because 10 minutes of action is more effective than reading 10 books about how to take action.


Point being, you don’t need to sound all fun and sexy and crazypants in your business (or copy for that matter) if you aren’t. Maybe you’re a little reserved by nature. Maybe you aren’t funny. Maybe you aren’t sexy but you’re cute & kind. And that’s totally okay. Even perfect.


What you DO need is a whole dose of action. Like a double dose. Or maybe triple. Bring your dry, bland, cute or kind self to the party and give it your full.


Because you deserve the best. So do all the people who resonate with you, need you and can’t wait to work with you.


It’s easy to get trapped in all the information hunger and perfection spirals. Because that’s where the comfort lies.

And beyond that comfort…lies your success.



1: Tell me in the comments below if you’ve ever fallen prey to the “How to” vortex? How were you able to dig yourself out of that dump?

2: What kinda action you’re going to take this week to take the “how to” bull by its horns?




    HA!!! This sounds like the monologue I had with myself 30 days ago, when I started with my coach to find my voice…

    The struggle
    undeniably, mole in your face the size of a watermelon unavoidable + REAL

    And I also ripped off the bandaid, and as if by magic 12 blog posts and an mini ecourse flew off my fingers.

    The magic my gals lives in the old simple and so very familiar pen + paper.

    So, pull up your journals cause we have to write, write and write our way up the hill of our calling!!

    • Maria

      Hey Beth,

      I’m loving the analogy you used 🙂 So glad you’ve found your voice, it’s shining through your words. And you’re damn right! Write. Write. Write. That’s where the magic lies.


    Rhonda Swan

    I’m so glad that you figured out that you are enough just as you are! Love the post here lovely lady. Keep up the great work and live unstoppable!

    • Maria

      Thank you Rhonda! Means a lot. I’m glad I shook off my fears. A little courage made all the difference in the world.



    Aah! I can totally relate to your struggle and it is quite real!

    I have also recently climbed myself out of this spiral by taking small & smart steps… as it is the ONLY way forward!

    Rock on!

    • Maria

      Hammad, YES! ‘Small & Smart Steps’ is the only way out. I’m glad you got to overcame the ‘How to’ syndrome. Good Luck! 🙂


    Amy Buitendyk

    Loved this and I’m glad you wrote it. I started my business blog about a year ago. Convinced myself for about 9 months I wasn’t good enough, I’m not good with the logistics of writing and didn’t do much. Then I took off.

    I look forward to reading more!

    • Maria

      Thank you Amy! It was a battle for me as well. A constant “sucky” internal dialogue, but guess who won? ME. I’m so glad you decided to take matters in your own hands. Hope you’re enjoying the process now 🙂



    I’m literally in love with this post. Like, head over heels. I’ve felt like this SO many times before and it takes a stern talking to get past it. I’ve devoured hundreds and thousands of how to posts (and I’m totally guilty of writing them, too), but the thing is, when I get to the end I realise I knew how to do it already. I just didn’t have the confidence/time/self-belief that I could (or CAN) do it!

    • Maria

      Lizzie, Thank you! 🙂 We have all been there and I think the human brain is wired that way, information hungry, with a deep sense of curiosity. But the idea is to stop and take action. If reading about something you ‘already know’ nudges you to take action, then GREAT! Do your research by all means, know that you know no less than others, and implement the shit outta it.


    Jennifer Myers

    I’ve thought all of this stuff before, Maria. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Maria

      This is the story of almost every entrepreneur. Thank you for reading Jennifer!


    Erin Nicole Bick

    Hot damn is it nice to hear that others get stuck in the “how to’s”!

    I have been researching for MONTHS now! I mean since June. It isn’t that I am not doing anything. I am doing little thing here and there. I write everyday….but the problem is I get scared of the back end shit.

    My biz hasn’t taken off, and I went balls to the wall and just started my biz without saving for the lull in-between. Therefore…no money to just pay someone.

    The good end of all of this…Is I learned how to put together a blog this summer.

    Right now I am writing an Ebook. I actually just started today. I want to have a free offer. Seems like the thing all successful people are providing.

    Anyways. Yes Write and KEEEP WRITING!

    Maria I love you style of writing and I look forward to following you. I am bookmarking your site in my Awesome Tools Category!

    Thanks so much!

    Erin Nicole Bick

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